Today’s Poem

by Claire Conroy

“Tell me, what else should I have done?”   

–  (This line is from a poem by Mary Oliver).

“Tell me, what else should I have done?”     

Not come that day?

Phone up and say ‘I am not well?’

And lie – not speak my truth that way?

But I did come!  . . . Though feeling grey

And you were gracious then and bid me stay.

I spoke my heart to you – and some –

Which, when I did

Drove you away.

Tell me, what else can I still do?

“Just stay and be with feeling – through and through.

It is the ‘being with’ that brings you through;

For here lies life and joy and loving too.”

Yes, I will stay –

In being – true

And know that ‘All is well’ between us, too;

That all of life is grounded deep and well,

That all ‘is Love’ just as the mystics tell.

(May 2011)

Walking at Luisne*

by Claire Conroy – April 2010

It is late Spring and yellow, pink and whitish flowers bloom.
The tulips, young and bright delight the eye.
White daffoldils beside have had their day
And smaller crocuses are still in sway.
Yet here a lone, proud, yellow daffodil
Speaks out its essence soul to soul
To ancient rows of trees – deep into clay –
Container while my sorrow pours away.

*[Luisne (pronounced Lishna), the name of the place where I wrote this poem, is an old Irish term for . . . ‘the first blush of light before the dawn breaks’ – John O’Donohue].


  1. poetry is lovely

  2. Thanks, Caroline.

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