Welcome to my Blog ‘Meditation’. which, by the way, is still under construction.

My name is Claire Conroy.  I live in Dublin, Ireland. 

The purpose of this Blog is to explore Spirituality and to share Ideas, Practices and Experiences about Life – which is really our Spiritual Journey.

Here you will find News about events such as Retreats and Workshops as well as ongoing Meditation Groups or short Courses of a Spiritual nature.  On the Spirit Page there will be Articles and Book Reviews while the Blog Page will address specific issues when the need arises as well as throwing out some thoughts and reflections on my own experiences.

I have just added a Poetry Page where from time to time I can post some of my own poetry!   I would be pleased also to receive contributions to post onto this page. 

I hope that you will interact with my Blog and leave comments and suggestions.


  1. Subscribe me please

  2. Hi Claire,

    Came by your website through facebook…I enjoyed your article on Church…very well expressed and very informative.

    Best wishes with your site…I’m doing something similiar with angelwhispers…


    • Thanks Mary,
      Your comments are much appreciated.
      I will take a look at angelwhispers.

  3. Hi all,  Any room for men.  And how about A psalm of life by H W Longfellow for a start Ed

    • Welcome aboard, Ed. Yes there definitely is ‘room for men’ after all they represent a necessary half of the human race – as do women – and spirituality is for all.

      Why not post a quote of your favourite lines from Longfellow and share what they mean to you.


  4. Hi Claire, nice blog. I am sharing your poem on my blog. Best wishes to you. Please do visit my blog, inmymindinmyheart.com

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