Posted by: meditati0n509 | April 20, 2014

Holy Saturday

April 19 2014

Yesterday – Good Friday – i had the privilege of participating in the ‘Way of the Cross’ which began in the Cathedral of St James in Brooklyn where we were addressed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York. After the opening ceremony we processed over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, where we stopped for each of the Stations, ending in the Church of St Peter. Some 3,000 pilgrims took part. We walked in solidarity with all people in the City of New York who are suffering, whose lives need hope and healing.  There were special readings and meditations which accompanied the traditional Passion, read from the Gospel of St John. There was also beautiful choral music sung by the Communion and Liberation Choir, led by Christopher Vath. I was impressed by the respect both of pilgrims and of passers by. Overall it was a lovely ceremony.

On Holy Thursday I attended liturgies in St Mary Star of the Sea in Brooklyn, and this evening (Holy Saturday) the Easter Vigil in the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, also in Brooklyn. During this ceremony I witnessed 3 adult Baptisms and several Confirmations. This was a very Joyful Ceremony.

Today is Holy Saturday – that day between the Crucifixion & the Resurrection – a day of reflection and waiting. Like the disciples, most of us have had experiences of such times of waiting; waiting for news at the hospital, waiting for results of medical tests or exams; waiting to know if we got that job; waiting for a friend or family member to heal after surgery or from an illness, waiting for loved ones to arrive for a funeral. Sombre times when we need the support or companionship of others so that we can simply ‘be with’ our inner experience, while we wait.

This Holy Saturday may we, in Spirit, be with the millions of people worldwide who wait for wars to end, for rains to come, for food to grow, for floods to recede, for economies to recover . . . As well as with our loved ones who may also be waiting for something. . .

Elkhart Tolle teaches that anything we accept will bring us to peace (Stillness Speaks), so being with whatever situation we are waiting with will bring us to peace even if we can only accept that we are not at peace.

For Christians our waiting is for Resurrection – historically Jesus’ Resurrection – but now for whatever resurrection is needed in our own lives either personally, in our families or communities and indeed globally. The risen Christ is present in all situations and is working even now to bring about those resurrections; there is hope! This is the Paschal mystery that out of seeming death there is new life. Christ lives & lives in us, bringing us peace and joy. Alleluia!  So Happy Easter to everyone.  May you experience the peace and joy of this season and may you see resurrection in your lives.

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